[Pashminaa] Love まぐわい~ Forget the demon Fox ~

しおこんぶ 's original cartoon "Forget the demon Fox"ova Animation,The story is mainly about a male owner.,Saved a fox as a child.,Found out that the fox was a fox demon.,The Fox Demon knows that shemale can't be combined.,And then he left the human race.,The male is looking for this fox demon everywhere.,And then I finally found it.。Found that the Fox Demon became a huakui.,But still obsessed with yourself.,So I remembered a book called "Hua Zha"Comics.

Love まぐわい~ Forget the demon Fox ~
List price:¥ 6800 (Including tax ¥ 7344)
Release date: 2014/12/26
JAN code:4580257510218
Part No.:DWPA-110
Bundled products:Book Award:Comic booklet

Original story:Salt konbu ("love or her womb ' than 'oblivion inu") / Director / Director:Taita shuta / screenplay:Sawa mountain Shin-Ichiro / storyboards:Paris / character design, animation Director:Immortal Hara mikiwo / sound Director:Chiaki Saegusa / music:Mountain climbing / animation production:1st production / Studio and copyright:Pashmina ACE / sales:Princesssoft co., Ltd.

[Nighttime subtitle Group][Pashminaa] 恋まぐわい ~忘却の妖狐~
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The silver foxes was walking down the street、Meet the men of the traveler。
Yujiro is the name of the man。 Mature boy who helped the wounded silver foxes once was。
The silver foxes、Yujiro raise private 妓楼 as a guest。
The silver foxes were about his love、Fearing that sucks in the spirit with the instincts of the demon、It had disappeared from the front of his。
And silver foxes is not forgotten even Yujiro、The traveler while she was looking。
The silver foxes were dying with nostalgia、Back to inu, Yujiro and lips。
Just a little caress、Silver foxes get wet wet pussy。 Return and just squeezed in paizuri Yujiro jizz。
Continue and cross by Cowgirl Yujiro meat pole、Silver foxes themselves 振ridasu the waist.。

[Lex nursing my yield Kura 夹]
Glazed shrine ★ ACG.GYOriginal founder writing,转 hold please hold the original Chi-Li: https://www.liuli.se/wp/53699.html

Hard world this personal piece struck minutes:"[Pashminaa] Love Harrow not-forgetting inu-. "

1 星 非常差劲 (为什么伤害我的眼睛)2 星 勉强能看 (食之无味弃,弃之可惜)3 星 普通作品 (各方面达到平均水准线 拔作)4 星 优秀作品(剧情和画面都非常好)5 星 满分绝赞好评【推到首页】 (152 People who review ready, Average: 4.47 Minutes )

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It's finally ready.
When you look at this,,There's no at all.,instead, I feel the sadness that goes deep into the bone marrow.。
Maybe,That's love, isn't it?

刘 t.
刘 t.

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Love lovers
Love lovers

I just finished reading it.,Sad Love A,Child abuse


Let's see.

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House up

I don't believe you.


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The New Year's Cake Beast

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