Attention, please. Website URL,Beware of pirated websites,As it is often attacked by some people,Sometimes you change the domain name.,
The current domain name
Landing options on the right side of genuine shrine,No top ad picture rotation,Nor will there be an ad above the dot-open post,And piracy is the opposite.,And there are not many contributors.,Like H Meng.、PD length、Milk tea、Tsing lung、Master Zhang、Angel、Yozakura、Implicit sinicization, etc.
Just pay a little attention.,Fake websites and articles of our name,Updates are slower than ours.,Generally, after we post an article on our side,,Fake sites will be copied over time.,Or modify the advance posting time,A little attention will be found to be not the right time to post comments.
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The biggest feature of fake websites is that there are a lot of advertisements.,There is also imitation of the piracy site many features did not copy completely,The web page is ugly.。 Continue reading

[COSMETICLAB.] Prostitute jade.

This game is quite interesting.。I believe everyone played 3D pinball.。It doesn't matter if you haven't played.,This is the most classic pinball game.,Very decompression.。
Operate with the mouse or keyboard.,Hit the ball as high as possible.。Which are the high score positions everyone tests themselves.。
Press and hold the middle mouse button / long press the space bar - tee off.,
Mouse left and right keys / keyboard left and right CTRL keys - batting.。
Casual games.,Have a good time.。 Continue reading

[nanomo.] Isolated Island ISoLAND PART. 1-2

The modeling of this work is quite good.,The so-called good picture can let people continue to see.。
The plot is mainly about it.,The man and his girlfriend were ceded to the typhoon.,Trapped with the head of a snake on an island with cannigies.,
The plot is half told.,It was gone when the Lord Jedi was still there.,I don't know if the set cannigies will play.。
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[Luwen Workshop.] Fate/Empire of Dirt (Fate/Empire of Dust)

Although it's a fellow work,,But it's very well made.。The 风 is considerably 错,It also comes with an RPG combat system.。
It's also an official work of the same person who forced death.,Featured is the hero of Liu Xiu, who has more women.(Right 2.)。
The game came out on Aug.,Ben is a Chinese version.,It Chinese as if the team had run away.。It is said to be out for Christmas.。
So there's now this unofficial pirated machine translation.。Although it is piracy, the statement is smooth.。
There are some BUGs in pirated games.。So you can't update and fix with an official patch.。
The game seems to be made of html.,It's good to have a transplant.,There should be a full mobile version after that.,It is recommended to buy genuine。 Continue reading

[Comet Society/む び.] オオカミさ's べ れ want to be eaten.

Hello,You've been waiting a long time.,It's master again.,Master is here again.
Well, this time.,Comet Society is the end of this great god classmate want me to eat.…
Well, actually, I have something to say.,It's over too soon.,Only 3 words (laughs)
This time.,The bare-headed teacher went to Da God's house.,I found out that God had a cold.
God unfolds.,Then they showed each other their hearts.,God was eaten by the teacher as he wished (grass)
The most interesting thing is.,When you go to school.,Open the door and thunder directly.
I met the wretched uncle who had robbed God's skirt before.
And then I took a teacher's assessment (laughs) Continue reading

[Water guns] Re:Ejaculation begins め world life Ver.2.0.

Season 2 Rem died at the start of the season.,Really can play。There are too many back palaces for men.,
This is a Rem-like animation.,It's mainly about life after marriage to Rem.
There are two forms of wedding dress and maid's dress.,There are currently no subtitles.,Maybe we can summon the subtitle group. Continue reading

[Jellyfish]SISTERS ~ The last day of summer ~ Ultra Edition[Zhao 戏 CG 动 Paintings](Thunder subtitle group)

这 part嘛,I'm not in 说,Aoi 实 Part Old Man戏 Cg,On February 22, 2013发售 2013戏,It 戏 to be a 已经 of the 汉 above all.,But.,动 Of The 汉 Painting
We 暂时还 a 过这 戏,Thigyc,应该's half-动 GAL,应该 of 很 meeting,很 aspirated person吧GameOn,It is a tithing 过 the 绍 of 么 Gaya,应该很-majority gastric opening Continue reading

[survive more] Walking smartphone violates the ordinance! If You Find It Is Immediately Saddle Raw Out WithOut Questions And Answers! The Motion Anime

[survive more]这个 of the company's works,Arithmetic-产-type。
类-shaped capital statue flash-like live2D 动 painting,Regrettable and 组 Subtitles。
This fiscal year荐 is 这个 main 剧 of the work说,20XX year,By 为 way, there are a lot of people in particular who are 别 desks,导 lot of 很 accidents,
The Lower Government's 头 Of 惩罚 Ordinance。A tour 专门 the city 员 the administrative management of the 查,It is 发现 necessary头 it is possible to start a low-level family, and it is 给 the town immediately惩罚。
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