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Please note that the title of the website , ★ , is the real website。
The biggest feature of fake websites is that there are a lot of advertisements.,There is also imitation of the piracy site many features did not copy completely,The web page is ugly.。 Continue reading

[Of the ~ sutoraiku]Women's Millennium Kingdom Hanhua Hard Drive Edition (Ruishu Hanhua Group)

The characters in this production are all men wearing women's clothes,I'm curious.,And then if the sex is a pseudonym,,If she's pregnant,,So how do women survive in this country?
Waiting.The Millennium Pigeon Kingdom is finally done. Continue reading

[History of the demon master who] R-in-carnare-using MUJIN ク

The Latest Work of the Ghostmaker。Japanese trams are really crowded.,And there's a pusher position.。Specifically pushing people into the subway.。
Company employee who repeatedly patted women's underwear on a full tram。
But one day,,Surrounded by women who know they're film-cheating.。 Continue reading

[Pink pineapple] Help ginseng!! THE ANIMATION 2nd 巻 (1-2)

Previous workIt's the male baseball to know 2 swimsuit girls,And then this is Episode 2.,The man and 2 baseball girls went to the hot spring.,The male owner fainted in the hot spring and lost his memory.。
Powdered pineapple is really a steal.,One episode plus OP、ED is 15 minutes.,Selling 4,500 episodes is really a pit money.。
It's a two-episode, consolidated version.,Episode 2 starts in the 15th minute.。 Continue reading

[Pink pineapple] Sexfre a childhood friend - Because everyone says that virgins and virgins are ashamed ~ THE ANIMATION

Old schoolmates will meet again.,Recalling the life of 2 people at school。
Men and women are both places.,Worried about being laughed at,,So decided to get each other out of the name.,And then n years later,,And then there's another shot.。
Originally published as OrC SOFT club's game adaptation of the same name in June 2019,
Pink Pineapple adapted the animated version of the dubbing and game version is the same person,It's a magical operation.。 Continue reading

[Queen Bee] Married woman、Honey and Meat Vol.4[The rules of the month field]

4th word in the Wife Series,Subtitles from The Siu,Pre-details
No connection with the ex,2 stories in this episode,One is a large family of people's wives more pressure,So let the servant help her ease her mood.。
The second little story is a bit of a point.,The male master is too big because of the size.,Girlfriends are crying.,And then ask him what his aunt thinks.,Look with your eyes, of course. Continue reading