[Mary Jane] 1st, 1st, 1st, 1st, No.

Oto Aina is a cheerful and lively girl,But also as head teacher Tanaka in the class of problem children。
Find a way to retouch the majesty of being a teacher,And as an old man' face,。
So after school, Ito Anai called the student guidance room for education.。
Tanaka was alarmed by the being described as a virgin.。
Tanaka's unprecedented bold provocations shaken。
That's it,Tian was younger than her own, she took the lead...

This animation is very well-painted.,And there's the theme song MV in the middle.,
Sing the theme song for this animation,The Way out idol Ya Shingore。
Unjapanese most idolic spree Continue reading

[If the Iwo-or-] OVA #1 Humiliation

Newcomer's First Sentence,BISHOP's same name,Lightning and Fire Old Works,Sensition Unscooured Company Insurance。Asosei,Classmates,Righteous Sister,Teacher,应 of exhaustion of。
The main character Takasaki Soichi Korei mediocre student,Hisfather,"The Spirited School"。
Liu Xianxian Self-Esteem, Other Students, One-in-one Isolation。
While waiting for a cold-hearted person in a periphery,Gripping only dead isolated region contact exchange kana inward struts,
But,Completion of the matter,Kanaya Shushu-like Human Singing First Self,
Affiday,Self-owned special ability of the main character of the desk。
Self-ability for nagoto-reticuating human physical ability -Human body grip ability
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[PoRO]Three-shot interview - The school of the shame and training to chain - Namiki chairman, Makoto ka - attempt bondage retard(1-3)

The 3rd Collection of The Samurai Paintings,Tsuji Chishu Kyokyo Kaehana PLAY,A woman's mother-in-law PLAY。
January of the year, mother and woman play Yu Yu 4th collection,Teru Bishop Company-like The Original,Yuichi Yi's Student Association, Kazuo, and other fathers, mother-in-the-chiefs, and the death of the people,
Book Main Koretendai play,Japanese School Tendai-to Koreyo-yo-tei,Maximum possible Korezen Tendai Tokore-death
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[Pink pineapple] Shigo Kare - Naughty College Student And Doki x 2 Love Lesson!! THE ANIMATION

an incurable man,Kien-ji-Ryo,Yuhora-like Shadow Mind Desk Noh Noh。
That's when,A Practical Notice of The Study of the University of the Arts and Sciences....
The Fruit And The Unruly And The Higher The Drop-out! ?
A resident physician's raw support,Keisuke Ryo-Ryo's Thoughts passing home education,A University Student of all the capital!
而且,Tongyi-sa-sa-no-juku-wa Women's University-like,Each incident is a sly result.。
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[Queen Bee] Mr. You's Friends, After[You tub zero] (1-2)

Painting is retro,In the case of Queen Bee's PPT animation.,This animation is much better than the others.。
That fantastic reality.,It's like this rain.。
On the way to a friend's house to pick out a borrowed DVD,Suddenly caught in the rain.。
Wet by the rain,Into the door.,My friend's mother came out to meet me.。 Continue reading

[Magic Petit.] Fallen Mono RPG Holy Knight Luvilias Chapter 3 Women's Fight - Tia's Futanari、Riffria's Electric Shock、Iris's Tentacle Spawning(1-3)

The 3rd collection of the art of the painting,Demon's Exhibiting Paintings,Kengo's death,Zhao Zhao。
The Main Korei-Mikoshi Re-Ordered Demon King Tentacle,Liu Zhao。12The 4th volume of the moon bottom Continue reading