[Kakao] Sain.! + Take your leaflet + You know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know

Innocent、Bookshop、Rabbit Sage,3One-line book of a series of collisions with hanhua groups,It's really popular.。
"COMIC Fast Days" magazine writer[Kakao]The 4th single-line book,Thanks to the passing LotteI for contributing
This subplot covers what most people like.,Whether it's the older sister department,,Or strong push and backpush both,
The basic plot is the book of pure love. Continue reading

[Kaitsuka] Overflow Comics Edition, My sister-in-law, i.e., i.e., i., i., i., i., i., i., i., i., i., i., i., i., i'm s-- you've swastomy. [Chinese]

Yesterday's new animation everyone seems to have a good review,Someone asked when to update,
Didn't you say one episode a week?,2020-01-13Episode 2nd,I can't wait to see the comics first.。
Current Hanhua Comics Single Book Volume 1,Volume 2 single-line book is now available,But no one has been chinese yet.,
So it's not clear where the animated version is going.,There's a lot of brother and sister comics for this author.。 Continue reading

[Tokyo Prominence Tomato] Adventurer Yuri and the Tavern Trap

Hello everyone,这次由我来给大家带来一个未汉化的CG漫画,There's not much of this kind of CG comic text.,So overall it's good.。Mostly a stated Korega-ka-ka-tei-like white-haired woman master Kazuo accompanied by sake-to-sumi-juku,It's a small-minded alcoholic person's lower-son X,The late rbQ-like things of each play fall。 Continue reading

[AA Big Demon King] Newlywed wife and vegetable seller

More and more homemade 3DCG works these days。
Many small partners use ancient scroll mods,3D Custom Maiden,Or some 3D games like I Society's 3D game AI Girl.,
and then put a specific action in place.,Then the screenshot is saved,and then put the text of your design on the white P,So a page of 3D comics is done.,
No drawings required.,As long as you play games.,It's going to be a simple PS plus word.,to make a comic book.,Of course you'll download the installation mod.,The characters can be more sophisticated.。
Welcome to all of you to contribute to the homemade works of gods,Or send a shrine mailbox。
This work is very famous for a novel adaptation of the novel of my new wife who loves Cao Ren's wife.。 Continue reading

[Charoto] The story that I of me and the present married woman of the past married woman are seeded by the colleague of the husband afterwards

This cartoon.Yusuke Nomae,The first person who was the first person to be found in the film, re-visiting the previous work.,
Asense of the Point of Death,Each passing。Male Master Punctured Etsuetsu Kushu Ryo NTR Homogeneous Wife and Child,
The Second Year of the State of the State of the World,The case of the same thing as the cap。Gripping high mid-term old woman's sending and present operation Continue reading